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Yin yoga is a style of yoga founded by Paulie Zink, It is a synthesis he created by combining Indian Hatha yoga and several disciplines from the Chinese Taoist tradition with yoga postures and variations, movements, visualization techniques, and insights he developed himself.

Yin Yoga is less popular than Yoga but the better results and good achievements making Yin Yoga is popular in young peoples, basically Yin Yoga is belong to California, USA but the taste of Yin yoga is relates to India, China and Sri Lanka. Most people familiar with yoga, are familiar with Yin yoga, as this tends to be more common in Western culture . The popularity of Yin Yoga is increasing for every person, now people of Europe, United States of America and South America even all over the world are trying to learn Yin Yoga from many schools receiving training from trainers and experts of Yin Yoga. Now a days Yin Yoga is going most popular is these regions.

Yin yoga Taoist tradition is involves Tao Yin, Kung Fu, Hatha Yoga, Philosophy and Taoist description. Anyone can learn and perform Yin Yoga easily, No matter what age is yours.

Performing and Learning

Yin Yoga is very easy to perform first you have to find a better spot where you can easily sit and perform Yin Yoga then you can start with taking a deep breath and making yourself comfortable. Yang yoga stimulates the muscles in the body, encouraging strength and great physical health. Over time however, if yin yoga is not practiced, the body will weaken and the joints of the body will become susceptible to injury. Although connective tissue is found in every bone, muscle, and organ, it’s most concentrated at the joints. In fact if you don’t use your full range of joint flexibility, the connective tissue will slowly shorten to minimum length needed to accommodate your activities. If you try to flex your knees or arch your back after year of underuse, you ‘ll discover that your joints have been “shrink-wrapped” by shortened connective tissue.

When our people are introduced by any instructor or trainer of Yin Yoga they got confuse after listen some difficult steps, then they reject Yin Yoga after saying some bad comments. Most people when introduced by the ideas of Yin Yoga, they shudder at the thought of stretching connective tissue. That ‘s not surprise; Most of us have been aware of our sensitive body contain billions of tissues and making our body more complicated, these tissue connect with each other with different families , when we’ve sprained an ankle, strained our lower backs, or blown out a knee. But Yin Yoga isn’t a call to stretch all connective tissue or strain vulnerable joints. Yin Yoga, for example, would never stretch the knee side to side; it simply isn’t designed to bend that way.

Most of people having trainers that they trained them about Yin Yoga but most of them without, the Yin yoga provides you better results if your trainer taught you well.
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Yin Yoga School
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